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Transparency Roundup

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Another New Right from the Left | Bacon’s Rebellion Blog

Liberals love inventing new rights. For the past 18 months I have heard the liberals chirping about the “right to health care”. Now the imaginary liberal rights machine has manufactured a “right to academic freedom”. Yet another pseudo-right extended only to liberals after having been manufactured in the liberals’ invisible rights factory.
There has never been a right to academic freedom.

Take That, Groveton | Bacon’s Rebellion Blog

Regarding Virginia’s renegade attorney general, Kenneth N. Cuccinelli and his assault on science at the University of Virginia, our own beloved Groveton says there ain’t no such thing as academic freedom.
The case, of course, involves Cuccinelli’s civil investigative demands for info and emails involving former global warming scientist at UVa Michael Mann and five research grants..

Virginia Workers DID Get Bonuses Last Year | The Old Dominion Watchdog

Good news out of Richmond for Virginia state workers: There might, just might, be enough surplus money in the budget to give them 3 percent bonuses.

The Most Corrupt States | Bacon’s Rebellion Blog

The Daily Beast has crunched some interesting data sets — convictions of elected officials, racketering & extortion, forgery & counterfeiting, fraud and embezzlement — to rank the 50 states and District of Columbia by corruption.

The Design for America Winners | Sunlight Labs

The Design for America contest led to the most compelling, interesting visualizations of any of our contests. With about 72 entries, the design community stepped up and showed amazing ways for us to view government and imagine new ways for government to serve citizens.

Deuglyifying Government | TechPresident

I’m of the belief that much of the Obama presidential campaign’s early success can be traced back to smart typographical choices, so the Sunlight Foundation’s Design for America contest is just my kind of thing.

Checking Out the New | Sunlight Labs got a face-lift on Wednesday evening, and it brought with it a raft of new features. Some of these are great; others are either not very useful, or an actual step backward. Let’s run through them — not only to highlight the features and shortcomings, but to examine what they can tell us about how government should be opening its data.
FOIA Tips and Strategies | Virginia Coalition for Open Government

VCOG was pleased to play host yesterday, May 22, to David Cuillier’s Access Across America tour. Forty citizens, private investigators and print and broadcast journalists signed up to spend their Saturday afternoon hearing Cuillier deliver a lively presentation on the power of public records and strategies for getting them.

Senator Doesn’t Get ATMs, Gets Money From Banks | Sunlight Foundation Blog

In the latest episode in Ted Stevens-style technological misunderstandings comes this entryfrom Nebraska senator Ben Nelson:

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