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Transparency Roundup

Here Comes the 2011 Session

With a new year comes a new General Assembly session. This year the session will start on January 12 and run for 45 days. Here’s a roundup of what to expect.

  • The indispensable Richmond Sunlight  has a constantly updating list of bills that have been proposed for this session.
  • The Virginia Coalition for Open Government is tracking bills related to open access throughout the session.
  • Fifteen lucky legislators will be provided with iPads instead of laptops this session, in a first of it’s kind pilot program.
  • Waldo Jaquith’s top wish for the session is a new law explicitly recognizing the rights of citizens to photograph and record police officers.
  • Jaquith also eloquently defends public broadcasters from Governor McDonnell’s proposed funding cuts. Also, don’t miss the note at the bottom about Jaquith’s difficulties in becoming a credentialed member of the Capitol press corps.

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