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Transparency Roundup

Virginia Public Employee Salary Database

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has put together a database of salaries for every Virginia state employee. Check out who makes what in state government ranging from the top of the list, Arthur Garcon, the Provost of UVa all the way down.

The Failure of D.C. Metro’s Smartrip

Sunlight Labs takes a look at the problems facing the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Agency as the company who manufactured their paperless fare system is discontinuing the cards, requiring the entire system to be replaced. Governments across the region and the country should take heed of this failure and look at the possibility for open standards to ameliorate these issues.

The Coward’s Argument Against Transparency

The Sunlight Foundation goes after arguments for anonymous political contributions.

Government 2.0 Goes Local

O’Reilly Radar has an absolute essential look at the way local governments around the country are utilizing web 2.0 technologies like social media, apps and collaborative technologies to revolutionize the way they interact with their citizens.

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