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Tell Your Legislator You Want Public School Choices in Virginia

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Dear Fellow Virginian,

As a former Fairfax County School Board Member and Immediate Past President of the Virginia State Board of Education, I’ve learned a simple fact:

While Virginia has a great system of public schools that largely serve children well, no one can deny that there are huge pockets of failure in some cities and among low-income children. They are not being served well by a traditional system, and deserve new educational options.

Right now the Virginia legislators are considering measures that would help to bring high-quality public school choice to our state—and you help is needed. Please click here to email your state senator and tell him or her that you support bringing more high-quality charter schools to Virginia.

Senator Mark Obenshain and Delegate Rob Bell have introduced resolutions that would allow voters to decide if the state constitution should permit the board of education to authorize charter schools. Delegate Bell’s bill has passed the House (52-47), but Senator Obenshain’s bill will be voted on Monday. The vote is close: Your voice for public school choice is needed now.

Charter schools are public schools of choice, which do not charge tuition. They are open to accept all children, without any special entrance requirements. Charter schools are not religious, and cannot discriminate against students for any reason. They can offer an innovative educational vision, unique learning opportunities, or simply represent a new choice for parents. Charter schools allow parents to choose an educational setting that best suits their child’s individual needs.

Charter schools are the ultimate in communities being able to come together to create a school reflecting their vision, empowering teachers and parents at the local level to create and evolve their own school.

Help bring public school choice to Virginia.  Click HERE to send a message to your legislators to put this amendment on the ballot and let Virginians decide!

Christian N. Braunlich
Vice President, Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy
Immediate Past President, Virginia State Board of Education
Former Member, Fairfax County School Board

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