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Welcome to the New Bacon's Rebellion

When Jim Bacon’s time required him to end the regular publication of Bacon’s Rebellion in September it was a blow to the public policy debate here in Virginia. For six years Bacon’s Rebellion raised the level of public policy discourse in our state. It was an important avenue for serious and thoughtful discussion and key leaders read this electronic magazine on a regular basis. For that reason, the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy talked with Jim about continuing this important magazine where vibrant and civil discussions on public policy issues have taken place.

The Thomas Jefferson Institute is proud to sponsor this publication and we hope that you will enjoy the varied opinions and approaches that the authors will take as they write on issues impacting our state and its future. We seek a variety of opinions. Many important issues face our state and we hope that these will be discussed in a manner that maintains the high standards established by Jim. We hope to publish twice monthly beginning in January depending on the number of policy columns that are sent to us for review.

The Thomas Jefferson Institute is the state’s premier independent public policy foundation based on a philosophy of limited government, free enterprise and individual responsibility. It seeks government programs and policies that confront these issues in a way that limits government’s intrusion into our business and personal lives. The Thomas Jefferson Institute has been described as a solutions tank rather than a think tank because it seeks alternatives to current government programs and policies. The citizens of Virginia want solutions to today’s problems and at the same time, they would rather those solutions be tied to limited government than higher taxes and more restrictive regulations. The Thomas Jefferson Institute seeks out those ideas and we look for practical alternatives for resolving today’s problems.

We hope that Bacon’s Rebellion will continue to provide an avenue for serious discussion on important issues facing our state. The Bacon’s Rebellion Blog will continue to be managed by Jim Bacon and not by the Thomas Jefferson Institute.

We will always be looking for new and interesting perspectives for the e-zine so long as they are policy focused and serious. If you would like to write for us, please send your draft to We will read it and consider running it. An edited copy will be sent to you for approval.

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