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Transparency Pledge

Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy’s

2013 Government Transparency Pledge

I pledge to support efforts to make government more transparent for the voters to whom I am responsible.

It makes sense to have government budgets placed “on line” on websites that are easily accessible by the voters. This should include proposed budgets and approved budgets in enough detail so that the voters know how their money is being spent.

Government Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and government contracts should be placed on line so that the taxpayers can see where and how their money is being spent.

A government organization chart should be easily accessible with names and contact information for those in management positions.

Calendars for government meetings should be on-line early enough so that those interested in attending meetings can do so. Minutes and video, where possible, of meetings should be on government websites.

I pledge to do all I can to open-up government to more transparency and do it in a way that makes access to government spending as easy as possible.


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