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Cost Cutting Caucus Partners with Thomas Jefferson Institute

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RICHMOND — The bi-partisan Cost Cutting Caucus of the Virginia House of Delegates and the non-partisan Thomas Jefferson Institute today announced the Jefferson Institute’s Center for Legislative Analysis and Government Reform will provide independent research, analysis, and counsel to members of the Caucus on ways to make state government more efficient. The Thomas Jefferson Institute is a public policy foundation seeking better and more efficient ways for government to function in Virginia.

“This arrangement will enable the Caucus to have primary access to the research and analysis done by the talented staff of the Jefferson Institute,” said Delegate Chris Saxman, chairman of the Cost Cutting Caucus.

The Jefferson Institute’s Center for Legislative Analysis and Government Reform will provide fresh ideas for possible legislation, brief members on what has happened in other states that could benefit Virginia, provide research into how changes in government can take place here in Virginia based on the experiences in other states, and offer legislators analyses of pending legislation so members of the General Assembly can have a better understanding of what is being proposed. The Jefferson Institute’s role is strictly to provide information and analysis.

The Institute will not lobby for or against any specific legislation.

The Institute’s staff has a broad range of experiences in public policy. Michael Thompson, who serves as president, is a successful businessman and a state leader of the National Federation of Independent Business. Former Virginia Delegate Jack Rust serves as the director of the Jefferson Institute’s Center for Legislative Analysis and Government Reform. Its staff also includes Geoff Segal, who has advised Florida Governor Jeb Bush and South Carolina Governor Mark Sandford on government reorganization and competitive sourcing, and Chris Braunlich, a former member of the Fairfax County School Board.

“The Thomas Jefferson Institute will ensure that members of the Cost Cutting Caucus have the benefit of a broad range of experience in government, budget, tax and education reform, and will provide the ‘outside look’ that members of the General Assembly need in order to make informed decisions,” said Michael Thompson, president of the Thomas Jefferson Institute.

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“This is a major step in providing the kind of outside staff assistance that our members so badly need as they try to get a handle on understanding how state government spends our money,” said Delegate Saxman. “We are currently at a disadvantage with only a part-time staff person to assist us. The experienced staff of the Jefferson Institute will act as the research/resource arm for the Cost Cutting Caucus.”

Participants in the Cost Cutting Caucus include members of the General Assembly from both political parties. Its mission is to promote legislation and government practices which are efficient and reduce costs to the taxpayers.


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