Look What They're Saying About the Thomas Jefferson Institute!


          "The Thomas Jefferson Institute's work is right up there at the top.  We use them.  I use them to explore new ideas about how to make government work better."

Virginia Speaker of the House William Howell


       "I would say to all of you who are supportive of the Thomas Jefferson institute, that it is a very fine investment, and the dividends have been enormous to those of us who have the privilege of serving in the legislative body."

Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment


         "With your help, the Jefferson institute will continue to craft government policies based on a philosophy of limited government, lower taxes, fewer regulations, and individual responsibility.  I've benefitted from their efforts, and with your help, their important work will increase."

State Senator Mark Obenshain


        "The Jefferson Institute's "Virginia Off-Shore Gas & Oil Fact Brief" is a great blueprint for securing Virginia's future as the "Energy Capital of the East coast."  It has provided me with solid information just as many of the Institute studies, papers and newspaper columns have done over the years.

          Many of the ideas from the Thomas Jefferson Institute have been used by members of both parties for several years in Richmond.  I need the Thomas jefferson Institute to continue to provide the kind of influence and creativity it has for so many years."

Former Governor Bob McDonnell


          "The creative work of the Jefferson Institute helps light the way for creative government policies, better public education, a more smoothly functioning transportation system, and long-term economic growth.  This feisty foundation is the best non-partisan organization of its type here in Virginia."

Former Governor and U.S. Senator George Allen


          "Your work with my administration in the area of bringing better business practices to state government has been valuable.  As you and I found in the private sector, there is always room for better ideas and more efficient practices."

Former Governor Mark Warner


          "You put together a team of thinkers with the experience to think 'outside the box.'  Usually meetings are just complaint festivals.  The meeting you set up offered concrete ideas."

Delegate Dave Albo (R-42)

Chairman, Courts of Justice Committee


          "For a long time, I believed that a creative, sensible public policy foundation was needed here in Virginia.  We needed a group to focus its attention on how to make our state's public policy better and improve the way we do things in state and local government."

Former Congressman Tom Davis




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