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Virginia's citizen legislators need good, independent analysis of proposed and suggested legislation, as well as analysis of the reports of legislative study commissions, in order to better represent the voters in their districts and in our Commonwealth. Our legislators are part-time and they have very limited staff. Consequently, they need credible and practical analysis of legislative initiatives from a non-partisan, yet philosophical, perspective. This Thomas Jefferson Institute Center offers this analysis and original research to our state legislators.

May 2020

The Road to Higher Taxes
The Road to Higher Taxes —  The 2020 General Assembly, with its new progressive Democratic majority, passed nearly two dozen changes in Virginia tax laws that will begin to hit individuals and businesses on July 1.  The Thomas Jefferson Institute has published a brochure outlining all 23 tax increases or new taxes.  Permission is granted to reprint and distribute.  Download the brochure here.

April 2020

Jefferson Journal:  The Revolution Has Been Postponed, Not Cancelled
Jefferson Journal: The Revolution Has Been Postponed, Not Cancelled —  By Stephen D. Haner  Governor Ralph Northam has asked the General Assembly to put off until May 1, 2021 the implementation of several key pro-union changes in Virginia's labor and employment laws, including a 31 percent increase in the minimum wage.  But the revolution has merely been postponed, not cancelled.  Read It Here!

January 2020

To Join TCI, General Assembly Must Vote!
To Join TCI, General Assembly Must Vote! —  If Virginia chooses to join the Transportation and Climate Intitiative (TCI), it must be done by a vote of the General Assembly.  That's the conclusion of a new legal analysis issued today by the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy and authored by Dr. David Schnare, an attorney and 34-year EPA veteran.

Read the Analysis Here.

Read the News Release Here.


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