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From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Chesapeake Bay, the Commonwealth of Virginia is rich in natural resources vital to making our state a great place to live, work, and play. The responsible stewardship of those resources -- and maintaining a healthy environment for our citizens - is a primary concern for the Thomas Jefferson Institute. The mission of the Center for Environmental Stewardship is to explore the nature of environmentalism in the context of meeting all human needs.

October 2020

The Jefferson Journal:  TCI Returns!
The Jefferson Journal: TCI Returns! —  By Stephen D. Haner  Having imposed a carbon tax on Virginia electricity generation in 2020, the General Assembly, starting in January 2021, will consider adding a similar tax on every gallon of gasoline and diesel sold for vehicle use.  The Transportation and Climate Initiative, an environmentalist dream for a decade, is finally ready for its close up.  (10/7/2020)  Read It Here!

January 2020

To Join TCI, General Assembly Must Vote!
To Join TCI, General Assembly Must Vote! —  If Virginia chooses to join the Transportation and Climate Intitiative (TCI), it must be done by a vote of the General Assembly.  That's the conclusion of a new legal analysis issued today by the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy and authored by Dr. David Schnare, an attorney and 34-year EPA veteran.

Read the Analysis Here.

Read the News Release Here.

December 2019

Mason-Dixon Poll:  Virginians Oppose New 'Carbon Car Tax'
Mason-Dixon Poll: Virginians Oppose New 'Carbon Car Tax' —  Polling data from a new poll conducted by the respect Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy shows that Virginians oppose the Transportation and Climate Initiative when they learn it will mean a major new carbon tax on gasoline and diesel fuel.

Read the News Release Here!

Read the Poll Here!


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