Economic Development

The key to a growing economy is increased economic development and a decrease in government intrusion into the market place. As the old saying goes, "A rising tide lifts all ships." That theory applies to economic development. If a vibrant economy is available to Virginia, then everyone benefits -- more people are employed and the tax base allows for adequate funding for government programs. Government policies and actions impact on future economic development and this Center looks at specific issues impacting on economic development based up the Mission Statement of the Thomas Jefferson Institute.

August 2020

Jefferson Journal:  Taxaginia Reappears as Special Session Looms
Jefferson Journal: Taxaginia Reappears as Special Session Looms —  By Stephen D. Haner  The General Assembly reconvenes on August 18 for a special summer session, and the left has already begun the call to raise taxes.  But Steve Haner points out that raising taxes in a recession is one of the worst things the General Assembly can do. (8/5/2020)  Read It Here!

July 2020

The Jefferson Journal: No Escape From New Rules
The Jefferson Journal: No Escape From New Rules —  By Stephen D. Haner   The first thing every employer in Virginia needs to understand about the state's new COVID-19 temporary workplace standard (here) is it is universal.  It applies to every workplace, public and private, for-profit and non-profit, with 10,000 workers or two,  The rules are the same, "one size fits all," without regard to the nature of the industry. Click here.

July 2020

Johan Norberg's Sweden's Lessons for America!
Johan Norberg's Sweden's Lessons for America! — When asked if he can mention a single example of a country where socialism has worked, Bernie Sanders always says "we should look to countries like Sweden."  Sooner or later, American socialists always return to Sweden.  There's a good reason for that:  The countries socialists originally tout always end up with bread lines and labor camps.  But there's always Sweden:  decent, well-functioning, nonthreatening, and with impeccable democratic credentials.  There's just one problem:  Sweden is not socialist.  On July 15, the Thomas Jefferson Institute sponsored another in its Federal Policy Dinner series, this month featuring CATO Institute Senior Fellow Johan Norberg on "Sweden's Lessons for America."  You won't want to miss it. (first 60 seconds missing).  Click here to watch!


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