Written by Mr. Geoffrey F. Segal

July 2007

Shining a Light On the Commonwealth
Shining a Light On the Commonwealth — By Geoffrey Segal Most of the world's internet traffic passes through Virginia. Yet, there is a lot the Commonwealth can learn about "Google Government," and the creation of searchable databases making how our tax dollars are spent more transparent. (7/30/2007) View Commentary

June 2007

Whatever Happened to Federalism?
Whatever Happened to Federalism? — By Geoffrey F. Segal Two Congressman are putting ideology ahead of finding effective solutions. Fortunately, the Tenth Amendment stands in their way. (6/18/2007) View Commentary

May 2007

Sell the ABC!
Sell the ABC! — By Geoffrey F. Segal
At a time when more money is needed for vital services like roads, would Virginia taxpayers be better off if the state sold or licensed our liquor business? This scholar says "Yes." (5/1/2007)
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