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Taking the Politics Out of Planning: A New Statewide Model for Prioritizing Transportation
Tax Credit Scholarships Help Children Succeed
Tax Reform Urged by Jefferson Institute at Legislative Hearing
Tax Restructuring in Virginia: A Revenue Neutral Path for Improving Our Economy
Tax Restructuring in Virginia: September 2015 Update
Tax Restructuring Paper Urges Strenuous Reform Effort: Updated with New Sales Tax Figures
Teaching Virtually: A July 24 Webinar to Learn How Teachers Teach Online!
Testimony: Time to Reform COPN Laws
The 1999 Virginia Plan for Higher Education: Providing New Opportunities for Academic Leadership
The Commonwealth Information Technology Program
The Costs of New EPA Rules to Virginia
The Digital Revolution: Opportunities to Lead in Virginia
The Economy and the Environment
The Financial Health of Virginia's Hospitals
The Fiscal Impact of a Tuition Assistance Grant on Virginia's Special Education Students
The Florida Lesson
The Free-Lance Star: The Economy and the Environment
The Impact of Cigarette Tax Increases on Local Government Budgets
The Index of Long-Term Care Vulnerability: A Case Study in Virginia
The Jefferson Journal: 'Adequate Yearly Progress' a Poor Measure
The Jefferson Journal: A New Source for Qualified Employees
The Jefferson Journal: Brown v. Board: Made In Virginia
The Jefferson Journal: Congress Must Not Harm Economy, Retirees
The Jefferson Journal: Fair Exchange: Waivers from NCLB for Stronger Teacher Evaluations
The Jefferson Journal: For Reform, Stand With Parents
The Jefferson Journal: Getting What Was Asked For
The Jefferson Journal: How Should We Fund 'Students Without Borders?'
The Jefferson Journal: Keeping the Aim High in Virginia
The Jefferson Journal: Medicaid Reform -- The Virginia Way
The Jefferson Journal: Medical Care for the Needy
The Jefferson Journal: Midtown Tunnel Likely Dies Without Tolls
The Jefferson Journal: New EPA Regulations Will Harm Virginia
The Jefferson Journal: Prince William’s Discretionary Funds Should End Immediately
The Jefferson Journal: Spending Transportation Money Wisely
The Jefferson Journal: Taking State Parks Off the State's Books, Part II
The Jefferson Journal: The 'Catch-22' of Virginia Charter Schools
The Jefferson Journal: The Two-Edged Sword of SOL Reform
The Jefferson Journal: This Year in Virginia, New Choices.
The Jefferson Journal: Thoughts on Expanding Medicaid
The Jefferson Journal: Virginians Believe Energy Regulators Have Run Amok!
The Jefferson Journal: Want to Honor Barbara Bush? Read to a Child.
The Jefferson Journal: When a Deal Isn't a Deal
The Jefferson Journal: Tax Restructuring Can Benefit Every Virginian
The Positive Legal Consequences of a Disabilities Scholarship
The State of Transportation -- The 2010-2011 Economic Forecast
The Virginia Citizenship Initiative: The Road to Deregulation, Real Accountability, and Renewed Citizenship in Virginia's System of Higher Education
The Virginia STAMP Model
Third Annual Conference on Virginia's Economic Future: What Does Tax Reform Mean For You?
Thompson on WRVA, Washington Post: Inova Fumbled Redskins Naming Rights Deal
Thompson: Campaigns Should Focus on Ideas, not Baseless Attacks
Thompson: Virginia's Competitiveness Continues to Decline
Time to Step It Up on Privatization
Time to Stop 'Dithering' on Educational Improvement
Transparency Pledge' Results Released: Candidates Asked to Pledge to 'Openness'
Two Reforms for Virginia's Students

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