October 2015

Choice for Pre-K Students
Choice for Pre-K Students — Today, there are more than 7,800 unfilled slots in the Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI) program offering early childhood learning services to at-risk children.  They aren't filled because local governments can't match the funds or because they simply have no space.  Chris Braunlich, vice president of the Thomas Jefferson Institute, offered a solution to the General Assembly's Virginia Preschool Initiative Joint Subcommittee:  Use the Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit to provide parents choices about the preschool program their child attends! (10/8/2015)  Read the Testimony Here!

January 2015

Jefferson Journal:  School Choice Comes to Virginia
Jefferson Journal: School Choice Comes to Virginia — In 2013, the Virginia Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit (EISTC) finally cleared all the hurdles to become the Commonwealth's best mechanism for creating new opportunities for educationally at-risk students.  So, two years later, National School Choice Week (January 23-31) seems an ideal time to examine the effects of that law, the kind of students its helping and the benefits for donors looking to help children find a more appropriate educational placement.  Read It Here!

July 2014

Jefferson Journal:  After The OEI
Jefferson Journal: After The OEI — By Chris Braunlich  The recent state court ruling that the Opportunity Educational Institution (OEI) is a violation of the Virginia Constitution leaves thousands of Virginia schoolchildren consigned to schools with decades-long records of failure.  It's a missed opportunity, but one that can and should be corrected next year.  Here's one way.  (7/17/2014)  Read It Here!

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