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Government at the state and local level needs to a take a serious and imaginative look at its structural deficiencies, at its proper role in today's society and whether its fiscal and regulatory policies are a hindrance to economic development. This Center for Government Reform does this based upon the Mission Statement of the Thomas Jefferson Institute.

March 2017

Jefferson Journal:  Time for a Truce
Jefferson Journal: Time for a Truce — By Chris Braunlich  Partisan attacks on judicial nominations and insistence that nominees say how they would vote on an issue before even hearing the facts don't serve the American people well.  Isn't it time for a truce?  (3/31/2017) Read It Here!

March 2017

Jefferson Journal:  Gillespie Tax Plan Makes Good Sense
Jefferson Journal: Gillespie Tax Plan Makes Good Sense — By Michael W. Thompson  Key provisions of Ed Gillespie's proposal for major tax reform includes cutting individual income taxes by ten percent across the board over a three year period, and accelerating reform of an antiquated system of local business taxes that now depresses economic growth and job formation.  The proposal makes a lot of sense.  (3/26/2017)  Read It Here! 

January 2017

Time For a Sweeter Deal on Sugar
Time For a Sweeter Deal on Sugar — When it comes to the sugar trade, there is no free market.  But there should be.  And this paper lays out a proposal that could take U.S. business and consumers on the path  to a level playing field -- one that should appeal to those on the right who favor free markets, those on the left who want fewer government supports for agriculture, and budget hawks who worry about possible future costs from the sugar price support program.  Not coincidentally, it could also provide a template for making better trade deals in other areas. 

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