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Government at the state and local level needs to a take a serious and imaginative look at its structural deficiencies, at its proper role in today's society and whether its fiscal and regulatory policies are a hindrance to economic development. This Center for Government Reform does this based upon the Mission Statement of the Thomas Jefferson Institute.

February 2019

Jefferson Journal:  Equal Access for Teachers?
Jefferson Journal: Equal Access for Teachers? —  By Chris Braunlich   Should Virginia teachers hae equal access to any legitimate employee association offering professional support, insurance and other benefits, so they can find the best deal for their money?  Senator William DeSteph thinks so.  The teacher unions prefer to maintain their monopoly.  Read It Here!  (2/5/2019)

December 2018

New Poll:  Virginia Voters Say 'Give the Tax Money Back!'
New Poll: Virginia Voters Say 'Give the Tax Money Back!' —  As a result of recent federal tax changes, Virginia taxpayers will pay an additional $1.2 billion in state income taxes this year and next, rising to $4.5 billion in additional taxes by 2024.  Now, a new poll conducted for the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy by Mason-Dixon Strategies shows overwhelming support for giving that new tax money back to taxpayers by doubling the standard deduction, over Governor Northam's proposal to spend the funds on existing state programs.  Support for doubling the standard deduction, which would benefit 2.8 million Virginia taxpayers, was first proposed by the Jefferson Institute and has wide spread support across every Virginia demographic and in every region of the state. (12/26/2018)

Read the News Release Here!

Read the Polling Question Here!

December 2018

New Jefferson Commentaries Make Case for Tax Reform
New Jefferson Commentaries Make Case for Tax Reform —  In two new Thomas Jefferson Institute commentaries published on opposite sides of the state, Institute scholars make the case for tax reform in Virginia.  In a commentary originally published in the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, Institute president Michael W. Thompson points out that the new "tax windfall" coming to Virginia as a result of federal tax changes is not factored into the current General Fund budget and that significant tax cuts could take place without reducing any of today's government programs.  Read Mike Thompson's Commentary Here!


Meanwhile Institute Senior Fellow for State and Local Tax Policy Stephen D. Haner points out in a commentary originally published in the Roanoke Times that doubling the standard deduction would affect the most Virginians and particularly help low-income wage earners.  Read Steve Haner's Commentary Here!


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