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Government at the state and local level needs to a take a serious and imaginative look at its structural deficiencies, at its proper role in today's society and whether its fiscal and regulatory policies are a hindrance to economic development. This Center for Government Reform does this based upon the Mission Statement of the Thomas Jefferson Institute.

September 2014

The Financial Health of Virginia's Hospitals
The Financial Health of Virginia's Hospitals — As Virginia's leaders debate and maneuver over the issue of expanding Medicaid, it is important to examine the financial health of the hospitals in our state, since hospitals are the largest single promoter of this proposed policy change.  The financial health of the hospitals has become an issue because the hospitals have weighted in on the Medicaid expansion debate, arguing they need these federal dollars to survive.  This report looks at the actual financial health of Virginia's hospitals as reported on the Virginia Information website for November of 2013.  The reader can decide for himself or herself if the hospitals need the "free federal money" offered by the proposed expansion of Medicaid by looking at the number in this report.  Read It Here!

July 2014

Jefferson Journal:  After The OEI
Jefferson Journal: After The OEI — By Chris Braunlich  The recent state court ruling that the Opportunity Educational Institution (OEI) is a violation of the Virginia Constitution leaves thousands of Virginia schoolchildren consigned to schools with decades-long records of failure.  It's a missed opportunity, but one that can and should be corrected next year.  Here's one way.  (7/17/2014)  Read It Here!

June 2014

The Jefferson Journal:  When a Deal Isn't a Deal
The Jefferson Journal: When a Deal Isn't a Deal — Rarely, if ever, has the state budget been the vehicle to force a brand-new government program onto taxpayers.  Normally, a proposal to dramatically expand Medicaid would be debated separately where issues can be discussed, experts brought in, ideas batted about and a piece of legislation can be crafted that can be debated and voted on.  Holding education funding, county and city funding, transportation funding and all the rest hostage to Medicaid expansion seems to be a dangerous precedent that should not be taken.  (6/6/2014)  Read It Here!


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