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Virginia's education system is the key to our future. If a broader range of our children don't learn to read, think critically and analyze, then the future will indeed be difficult.

Offering a quality education for our students is a major issue with voters in Virginia. As the economy becomes more "technologically complicated" and the world more competitive, it is imperative that our young people be prepared for the realities of the future. With less than 35% of graduating high school seniors receiving a four-year college degree, it is clear that the ability of our K-12 public education system must be improved. And for our colleges and universities it is important that they offer quality and cost efficient education to those who attend our institutions of higher learning. This Center looks at the education system and offers creative alternatives to its current programs and policies based upon the Mission Statement of the Jefferson Institute.

February 2014

Reception to Honor House Speaker Bill Howell
Reception to Honor House Speaker Bill Howell — You're cordially invited to a special reception honoring Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegate Bill Howell, and welcoming the new state legislators.  Hosted by the Thomas Jefferson Institute, the reception will be held on Wednesday, February 26, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at the Bull & Bear Club in Richmond Virginia.  The Institute's winter Richmond reception always attracts the top movers and shakers in Virginia, and this one is no exception.

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January 2014

Policy Brief:  Educating Children, Saving State Funds
Policy Brief: Educating Children, Saving State Funds — Judging from the first year of scholarships granted under the Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credit (EISTC), the program not only provides new opportunities for low-income students, but do so at a significant savings to the state budget. Proposed changes to the program would likely increase both the number of scholarships and the level of savings.  Read It Here!

January 2014

The Jefferson Journal:  A New Source for Qualified Employees
The Jefferson Journal: A New Source for Qualified Employees — To keep its economy moving, Virginia will need more than two million new workers in the next ten years, but there are only 1.5 million bodies in the pipeline.  Why not encourage, rather than discourage, qualified students to pursue a better education, a higher-paying job, and stay in Virginia?  Read It Here!


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