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Virginia's citizen legislators need good, independent analysis of proposed and suggested legislation, as well as analysis of the reports of legislative study commissions, in order to better represent the voters in their districts and in our Commonwealth. Our legislators are part-time and they have very limited staff. Consequently, they need credible and practical analysis of legislative initiatives from a non-partisan, yet philosophical, perspective. This Thomas Jefferson Institute Center offers this analysis and original research to our state legislators.

February 2016

Testimony:  Time to Reform COPN Laws
Testimony: Time to Reform COPN Laws — Thomas Jefferson Institute President Michael Thompson offered testimony February 4 to encourage dramatic reform of Virginia's Certificate of Public Need law, an outdated provision that is raising the cost of health care in Virginia. Read Thompson's testimony here!

November 2015

How Are Virginia's Hospitals Doing Today -- A Review of Hospital Finances
How Are Virginia's Hospitals Doing Today -- A Review of Hospital Finances — Virginia's hospitals are lobbying in favor of Medicaid expansion, arguing that they need the extra revenue to survive.  Yet, their own filings show that the combined profit of reporting hospitals is more than $1.7 billion, and their net worth is more than $16 billion -- both double digit growth over last year.  Read It Here!

October 2015

Choice for Pre-K Students
Choice for Pre-K Students — Today, there are more than 7,800 unfilled slots in the Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI) program offering early childhood learning services to at-risk children.  They aren't filled because local governments can't match the funds or because they simply have no space.  Chris Braunlich, vice president of the Thomas Jefferson Institute, offered a solution to the General Assembly's Virginia Preschool Initiative Joint Subcommittee:  Use the Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit to provide parents choices about the preschool program their child attends! (10/8/2015)  Read the Testimony Here!


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