Economic Development

The key to a growing economy is increased economic development and a decrease in government intrusion into the market place. As the old saying goes, "A rising tide lifts all ships." That theory applies to economic development. If a vibrant economy is available to Virginia, then everyone benefits -- more people are employed and the tax base allows for adequate funding for government programs. Government policies and actions impact on future economic development and this Center looks at specific issues impacting on economic development based up the Mission Statement of the Thomas Jefferson Institute.

August 2015

Jefferson Journal:  Tax Reform and Job Creation Go Hand In Hand
Jefferson Journal: Tax Reform and Job Creation Go Hand In Hand — In one business survey after another, Virginia is slipping from its high rated position of a few short years ago.  Our economy did not grow last year.  Our growth rate was zero.  And with federal military spending decreasing, our future must be based on encouraging job growth in companies not as reliant on federal dollars as in the past.  So what should this year's crop of General Assembly candidates be suggesting?  Here's one big idea.  Read It Here!

July 2015

Jefferson Journal:  Health Care Should Be Reformed
Jefferson Journal: Health Care Should Be Reformed — By Michael W. Thompson  The Supreme Court decided Obamacare is here to stay.  It has given its "constitutional seal of approval" twice in two years, and that means any changes will have to be accomplished legislatively and not through the courts.  But it's time to have a serious discussion about how to change the current Obamacare program to make it better and end the debilitating impacts on our economy.  Here are just a few of those problems ... and their "fixes." (7/13/2015)  Read It Here!

June 2015

Business Leaders Roundtable on Virginia's Economic Future
Business Leaders Roundtable on Virginia's Economic Future — The Thomas Jefferson Institute's Business Leaders Roundtable on Virginia's Economic Future, held June 22 at George Mason University, gathered together some of the top analysts to review the outlook for Virginia's economy, an analysis of the state's key industries, the obstacles standing in the way of growth, and the policy changes that should be considered.  The event included cosponsorship from more than 20 state business associations -- the largest collection of business associations ever gathered for a conference of this kind.  Moderated by former Congressman Tom Davis, the roundtable attracted more than 150 participants.

View the video or the powerpoint presentations by clicking the appropriate item at each presenter's name below --

Dr. Martin Regalia, Chief Economist, U.S. Chamber of Commerce powerpoint and video

Terry Clower, Director of George Mason University's Center for Regional Analysis powerpoint and video

Brett Vassey, President, Virginia Manufacturers Association powerpoint and video

Nicole Riley, State Director, National Federation of Independent Business powerpoint and video

Nancy Thomas, President, Virginia Retail Federation powerpoint and video

Josh Levi, Vice President for Policy, Northern Virginia Technology Council powerpoint and video

Stephan Cassaday, President and CEO, Cassaday & Company powerpoint and video


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