Budget Planning

November 2016

New Study:  Cigarette Taxes Go Up in Smoke!
New Study: Cigarette Taxes Go Up in Smoke! — Do increased cigarette taxes at the municipal level increase revenues to localities?  And what is the longer term effect of such increases?  A new study from the Thomas Jefferson Institute has some suprising answers.  Read It Here!

September 2016

Second Annual Conference on Virginia's Economic Future
Second Annual Conference on Virginia's Economic Future — Some of the nation and state 's top business economists gathered at George Mason University on September 14, 2016 for the Thomas Jefferson Institute's Second Annual Conference on Virginia's Economic Future.

"This conference helps bring the Commonwealth's economic picture into focus," said Jefferson Institute President Mike Thompson, "and it provides some thoughts on policy changes that can help stimulate the kind of economic growth all Virginians want."

Speakers offered national, state and regional economic analysis, capped by a prediction of what the presidential election might mean for private investment outcomes.  Copies of the powerpoint presentations are available below.


Dr. J. D. Foster, Incoming Chief Economist of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. See powerpoint here.

Dr. Chad Moutray, Chief Economist of the National Association of Manufacturers. See powerpoint here.


Dr. Fletcher Mangum, President of Mangum Economics in Richmond, VA.  See powerpoint here.

Keith Martin, Vice President of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.  See powerpoint here.

Brett Vassey, President of the Virginia Manufacturers' Association.  See powerpoint here.

Nicole Riley, State Director of the Virginia National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).  See powerpoint here.


Dr. Terry Clower, Director of George Mason University's Center for Regional Analysis.  See powerpoint here.

Private Investor Perspective:

Stephan Cassaday, President of Cassaday & Company, ranked #1 Advisor in Virginia.  See powerpoint here.

April 2016

Jefferson Journal:  Puerto Rico Bailout Could Impact Virginia
Jefferson Journal: Puerto Rico Bailout Could Impact Virginia — By Michael Thompson  Following in the tradition of sovereign entities that spend too much, grow government too large, and do not bring in enough revenue to balance it all out, Puerto Rich finds itself facing a grave and escalating debt crisis.  But allowing this U.S. territory the unprecedented power of abridging its debt will come at a direct cost to Virginia and all other states that rely on the bond market for financing.  (4/14/2016)  Read It Here!

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