Written by Mr. John Rocovich

September 2001

The Commonwealth Information Technology Program
The Commonwealth Information Technology Program — Part of the Jefferson Institute's "Campaign 2001 Briefing Book" supplied to all candidates, these papers offer proposals to expand the "New Dominion's" technology base. Part I focuses on a concept for a Virginia-wide Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology, detailing the need and the way such a degree could be offered statewide. Part II discusses the need for a special scholarship program that would enable more of our college students in Virginia to take advantage of the proposed degree, as well as degrees in other "critical need" areas necessary for the economic development of Virginia.


September 1999

Using Technology to Restructure Higher Education
Using Technology to Restructure Higher Education — The use of technology should be a major part of the long-term planning that goes on at our colleges and universities, and in our General Assembly as plans are made for what will be needed in the years just ahead. As the debate continues over the future of higher education and how and where state resources should be used, the ideas in this paper should be carefully considered and properly factored into these decisions. View PDF File.


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