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Chris Braunlich is a former member of the Fairfax County School Board, and vice president of the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy. The views expressed here are his own and do not necessary reflect the opinions of the Institute or its Board of Directors. He may be reached at

Written by Mr. Christian N. Braunlich

January 2009

Time to Stop 'Dithering' on Educational Improvement
Time to Stop 'Dithering' on Educational Improvement — By Chris Braunlich Overall, Virginia ranks high in K-12 education. But in shouting huzzah, we are overlooking clear pockets of failure -- and its time to stop dithering about how to solve the challenge. (1/21/2009) View Commentary

November 2008

Is the GOP Re-fighting Battles After They've Won the War?
Is the GOP Re-fighting Battles After They've Won the War? — By Chris Braunlich With its third straight state-wide shellacking, Republicans are about to engage in their annual ritual of self-contemplation, and everyone will pine for the days when the Big Guy from California came riding out of the West and branded the initials "RR" on the federal government's hide. But is the real problem that Republicans won the war, and now they just keep re-fighting the same battles? View Commentary

October 2008

The Right To Choose ... Secretly.
The Right To Choose ... Secretly. — By Chris Braunlich At the age of eight, I watched my father vote in a contested election for his union's leadership. Sitting across the folding table from him, watching to see how he voted, were members of the union leadership being challenged - the ones who decided which union members would be assigned to construction jobs each week. Guess who won? View Commentary

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