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Chris Braunlich is a former member of the Fairfax County School Board, and vice president of the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy. The views expressed here are his own and do not necessary reflect the opinions of the Institute or its Board of Directors. He may be reached at

Written by Mr. Christian N. Braunlich

May 2011

The Florida Lesson
The Florida Lesson — By Chris Braunlich  Is Florida an educational wasteland?  It's an important question because some members of the Virginia General Assembly seem to think so and base their decisions on that assumption.   But when we look at the statistics in Florida, where educational choice is widely available, they look like this .... (5/16/2011)  Read It Here!

March 2011

Will Virginia's General Assembly Kill Online Learning?
Will Virginia's General Assembly Kill Online Learning? — By Chris Braunlich One of the hottest topics in education today is the growth of online learning or virtual schools. Today there are more than a million enrollments in K-12 online courses nationwide … and more than 200,000 of these are full-time students in full-time online schools.  The ability to learn is no longer limited to classes held in a bricks and mortar building. And Virginia, home to some of the world’s premiere technology companies, ought to be a hotbed of this 21st Century learning, right? (3/9/2011)  Read It Here!

January 2011

Two Reforms for Virginia's Students
Two Reforms for Virginia's Students — By Chris Braunlich  Polls demonstrate that Virginians support the concept of performance pay for teachers and creating incentives for the private sector to offer scholarships for low income students.  But until now, little progress has been made on either front.  That may be about to change ... (1/21/2011)  Read It Here!

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