The Virginia STAMP Model

The Virginia STAMP Model

Three proposals for funding transportation are now under consideration by the General Assembly. Each of the proposals -- one offered by Governor Tim Kaine, one approved by the State Senate and one approved by the House of Delegates -- would have a different impact on state revenue, job creation, and personal income. Designed as one of the many tools legislators should use in making decisions about taxes, the Virginia STAMP (State Tax and Modeling Program) simulates the economic results from tax changes and spending on transportation.


  • Click Here to view the press announcement.
  • Click Here to view a one-page comparison of the three plans.
  • Click Here to see a powerpoint summary of each of the proposed tax and transportation plans.
  • Click Here to see an explanation of the Virginia STAMP Model, along with the formulas, data, and assumptions used in the model when first developed two years ago. None of the formulas or assumptions have changed since that time.


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