Annual Reports

December 2011

Fall 2011 Chairman's Update
Fall 2011 Chairman's Update — In it's December 2011 report, the Thomas Jefferson Institute reviews its work with Governor McDonnell's Commission on Government Reform and Restructuring; its support for educational reform, including new options for students and it's work to promote market-oriented economic development policies. Read It Here!

March 2011

2011 Chairman's Update
2011 Chairman's Update — The Thomas Jefferson Institute has been busy since its special Breakfast Reception with Governor Bob McDonnell and a majority of his Cabinet last October.  Here is an update on its activities and accomplishments.  You'll see why so many of Virginia's leaders consider the Thomas Jefferson Institute the premier independent public policy foundation in our state.  Read It Here!

September 2010

Advancing Ideas to Public Policy:  The 2009 Jefferson Institute Annual Report
Advancing Ideas to Public Policy: The 2009 Jefferson Institute Annual Report — Over the past 13 years the Thomas Jefferson Institute has worked with leaders in government and business to improve state and local government.  The Institute has positioned itself for exactly this moment in our history ... a time when the financial necessity of government reform would coincide with Jefferson Institute friends and allies in key government positions who would ask us to pitch in an help in this effort.  Read the 2009 Annual Report!

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