July 2020

The Jefferson Journal: No Escape From New Rules

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The Jefferson Journal: No Escape From New Rules —  By Stephen D. Haner   The first thing every employer in Virginia needs to understand about the state's new COVID-19 temporary workplace standard (here) is it is universal.  It applies to every workplace, public and private, for-profit and non-profit, with 10,000 workers or two,  The rules are the same, "one size fits all," without regard to the nature of the industry. Click here.

July 2020

Johan Norberg's Sweden's Lessons for America!

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Johan Norberg's Sweden's Lessons for America! — When asked if he can mention a single example of a country where socialism has worked, Bernie Sanders always says "we should look to countries like Sweden."  Sooner or later, American socialists always return to Sweden.  There's a good reason for that:  The countries socialists originally tout always end up with bread lines and labor camps.  But there's always Sweden:  decent, well-functioning, nonthreatening, and with impeccable democratic credentials.  There's just one problem:  Sweden is not socialist.  On July 15, the Thomas Jefferson Institute sponsored another in its Federal Policy Dinner series, this month featuring CATO Institute Senior Fellow Johan Norberg on "Sweden's Lessons for America."  You won't want to miss it. (first 60 seconds missing).  Click here to watch!

June 2020

The Jefferson Journal:  Stop the Problem Before It Begins

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The Jefferson Journal: Stop the Problem Before It Begins —  By Chris Braunlich  With the General Assembly taking up policing reform in this summer's special session, there should be at least one bill stopping a problem before it begins.  Provisions commonly found in Collective Bargaining Ageements negotiated between governments and the local police union create obstacles to holding bad cops accountable.  Unless the General Assembly takes action now, collective bargaining agreements with those provisions will start next May.  Read It Here!

May 2020

The Road to Higher Taxes

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The Road to Higher Taxes —  The 2020 General Assembly, with its new progressive Democratic majority, passed nearly two dozen changes in Virginia tax laws that will begin to hit individuals and businesses on July 1.  The Thomas Jefferson Institute has published a brochure outlining all 23 tax increases or new taxes.  Permission is granted to reprint and distribute.  Download the brochure here.

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