December 2019

New 'Carbon Car Tax' Bad for Virginia

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New 'Carbon Car Tax' Bad for Virginia —  The proposed Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) -- a new "Carbon Car Tax" would be bad for Virginia, according to a new analysis by the Thomas Jefferson Institute. Starting at  10 cents extra per gallon of gas (and rising in future years), the tax would reduce money set aside for road repair, safety and new road construction.  It would also have an disproportionate impact on lower-income and rural residents, raise business costs significantly and increase municipal budgets for snow removal, school buses and trash collection.  The Jefferson Institute has joined with 17 other state and national organization to express opposition to TCI. (12/17/2019)

Read the Analysis Here

Read the Open Letter Here

Read the Jefferson Institute letter Here

December 2019

The Jefferson Journal:  Bring Tax Reform Debate Back for Round Two

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The Jefferson Journal: Bring Tax Reform Debate Back for Round Two — Sometimes you have to start the victory lap, even if you only get halfway around the track.  A year ago, the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy was beating the drum for a proposal to double the state's standard deduction, the amount of family income exempt from income tax.  It was part of a broader tax reform package introduced by several legislators who liked it.  (12/10/2019)  Read It Here!

September 2019

RGGI Questions and Answers

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RGGI Questions and Answers —  Virginia is poised to become the eleventh state to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a regional compact created to limit CO2 emissions from large electricity plants.  Although emissions are already declining, the compact would be financed with a carbon tax to be paid by consumers in the form of higher electricity rates expected to be $6 billion over several years.  There is a clear partisan divide on the issue, with Democrats in favor and Republicans against, and the issue may well be decided by this fall's General Assembly elections.  This "Questions and Answers" guide explains what RGGI is, how it is financed, what it would accomplish, and how much it would cost.  Read It Here!

June 2019

The Jefferson Journal:  Conformity Flooding State With Cash

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The Jefferson Journal: Conformity Flooding State With Cash —  By Stephen D. Haner  What will you do with your $110?  Thanks to the conformity revenue flood, it's coming ... (6/28/2019)  Read It Here!

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